A handsome hunk of trouble.

@ChelieInTX (Twitter)

There is no “left” or “right” in politics & government. There is only “liberty” and “tyranny”, and I will always back heading to liberty.


Greetings! I’m the founder and president here at theBinge.net, but I’m known by a much snarkier title too (more on that below). I cut my teeth on Internet media for about 3 1/2 years at the former¬†Vigilant Liberty Radio, and decided to take things to the next level here. On my page, you can find out about my shows, and some other things I’m up to.

I’m interested in all things tech, music, movies, books, sports, tattoos, politics (because I have to), and yes, pin up-girls. My goal for theBinge.net is to appeal to the broadest possible audience, and entertain and inform them all.