Author: George Templeton

Foreign Matters 10-9-17: Who is going to the World Cup!

  Tonight at 10 p.m. EDT we are back on with news about  2018 World Cup qualifying. We will have the recap of qualifying all over the world as we get to the final stages and preview the final matches in the United States’ region as well as South America. Not only that but discussion about the events in Spain this week and the European Union’s reaction to it. Also news about the Iran Deal. Join us at...

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Foreign Matters: 9-11 remembrance + other news

  Tonight at 10 p.m. at we will discuss our memories of that fateful day 16 years ago when our lives changed forever. Our United Strength’s Amy Curtis will join us. Plus a recap of the last major of the season in tennis, the United States Open, history in the Premier League and changes at the State...

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Foreign Matters: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran

  After a break to travel for the Solar Eclipse, Foreign Matters is back and tonight at 10 p.m. EDT President Donald Trump’s speech about Afghanistan and what he said to Pakistan in that speech will be examined. Also the latest twist in the Iran Deal, North Korea at it again and an update on Australian Rules Football. Amy Curtis of Our United Strength will join us at...

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