Author: George Templeton

Foreign Matters: where we will both defend and attack the New York Times

Tonight on Foreign Matters the Old Grey Lady is in the firing line. President Donald Trump blamed them for the USA missing out on a chance to kill the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Is Trump right? We will discuss that and an interesting decision by the Paper of Record in their reporting on an appointment at the Central Intelligence Agency. Plus we will debate a key decision by the Trump administration impacting Syria and loads of sports updates! Join us at 10 p.m....

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Foreign Matters 7-17-17

  Tonight on the maiden voyage of Foreign Matters in this new network we will discuss the major events in Venezuela as well as the rising tensions surrounding Turkey. Plus a wrap up of Wimbledon and the second week of the Tour de France. Join us at 10 p.m....

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