Author: Chris T. Rex

The Flyby 9/20/17 – The Orville Launches

On this episode of The Flyby, we have a deep space encounter with Seth MacFarlane’s new show, The Orville.  Coming off last week’s discussion of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Sarjex and Cranky T-Rex were eager to see whether this part parody, part homage to Star Trek could succeed in filling the need that it appears the actual new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, will not.  With two episodes of The Orville now under their belts, they’ll talk about their first impressions of the show, the ship, and the man running it. So don’t forget to tune in at 10 PM ET...

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The Flyby 9/13/17 – Wrath of Khan Turns 35

On this episode of The Flyby we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by taking a look back at arguably the greatest Star Trek movie of them all.  Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will talk about how this movie still holds up after all these years, how it feels to watch it in light of Leonard Nimoy’s actual passing, and of course what made it so special in the first place. Plus we might even throw in a little comparison to Seth MacFarlane’s new Trek spoof, The Orville, and the continuing news coming out of the next...

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The Flyby 9/6/17 – Batman and Harley Quinn

On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series by checking out the latest iteration of that universe, Batman and Harley Quinn.  Plus Sarjex relates her experience at Burning Man and how it became darkly literal this year. So tune in right here at 10 PM ET to listen and...

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The Flyby 8/30/17 – Sarjex Finishes Agents of SHIELD

On this episode of The Flyby, Sarjex has finally finished her binge-watch of Agents of SHIELD, so we can finally discuss how the most recent seasons are some of the best superhero stuff on TV today.  Plus, she noticed that there do seem to be some striking parallels with a number of other shows we watch, so she and Cranky T-Rex will talk about why SHIELD’s execution of similar ideas and storylines is way better than say, Supergirl’s. So tune in right here on The at 10 PM ET to listen and...

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The Flyby 8/23/17 – Marvel’s The Defenders

On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex give their full, spoiler-filled review of Marvel’s latest Netflix comic book series, The Defenders, which brings together the heroes from all their individual Netflix shows just like the Avengers did with the movies.  Now that they’re all together, is Danny Rand aka Iron Fist still lame? Does Luke Cage stop being boring in a group? They’ll answer these pressing questions and more, so tune in right here on the at 10 PM...

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