On this week’s episode of The Flyby, it’s time for us to get back to work after feasting on Avengers: Endgame, and that means reviewing all the episodes of all the shows we missed over the past few weeks.  In the case of the Arrowverse, it really does feel like a job now to keep up with the technobabble-filled and otherwise incomprehensible stories the writers have been dragging out this season.

On Arrow, Emiko finally stepped up to be the main bad guy, but with an entire season’s worth of flash-forwards to show us the fate of Star City, we already know her totally original plan to destroy the city in order to punish Oliver for his dad being a jerk will fail.  Maybe Oliver will convince her to become a good guy so she can take over for him when he dies next year in the big “crisis” crossover.

The Flash decided to take a detour from the Cicada 2.0 storyline to flirt with Nora being evil and Thawne potentially being up to something by helping her.  Of course just in case you might forget about her, Cicada 2.0 always makes sure to show up whenever it’s decidedly inconvenient for our heroes so she can steal something, mug for the camera, and jump out of the shot into oblivion so that nobody can follow her.

One bright spot has been The Orville, which like Endgame, decided to take a crack at the old time travel paradox bit. Who knew the entire fate of the universe could hinge on whether or not a woman decides to accept a second date with a guy.

And while all that was going on, The 100 arrived at their new home for a new season of Clarke looking for options that don’t involve wholesale slaughter of her enemies.  Monty didn’t want them to screw up the new planet that way, but the planet has no such compunctions about screwing up our main characters.  Maybe next time they’ll remember to bring spacesuits before they go running around on an alien world.

If that’s enough for you, the spoiler embargo on Endgame was lifted by a new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Guess we’re not quite done with the MCU yet.

That makes tonight’s episode a jam packed show, so make sure to be right here at 10 PM ET so you don’t miss a minute!