This week on The Flyby it’s time for us to review that other Captain Marvel movie from that other comic book company, otherwise known as WB/DC’s Shazam! complete with exclamation point for emphasis.  Sure it seems silly for a superhero to name themselves after the secret word they have to say to transform into their super self, but since DC lost the name to Marvel, it’s about the best they’ve ever been able to come up with.

Ironically, Captain Marvel never actually refers to Carol Danvers by that name, so poor Billy Batson is stuck running through goofy alternatives for no reason.  Fortunately for us though, Shazam! chooses to have fun with figuring out his superhero moniker just like everything else about being a superhero. It’s a stark change for the formerly dark and gloomy DC cinematic universe to now have characters that genuinely seem to enjoy having super powers.

But which of these two Captain Marvel’s had the better movie? Our answer may surprise you considering the relative track records of the two studios making them.

Oh, and while we were out at the movies, all our shows came back on.  That means there are new episodes of Arrow, The Flash, and The Orville sitting in our queue that we might get around to talking about.  One featured a backdoor Birds of Prey episode, one finally got around to a major character’s backstory, and the other one decided to continue a long-running civil rights debate, so there’s plenty to unpack there.

If that’s not enough, Disney went ahead and gave us the trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, now known as The Rise of Skywalker, so if we still haven’t filled enough time, we’ll comment on how not excited we are for it.

So make sure you’re here at 10 PM ET for all that and more!