This week on The Flyby, we continue making our way through Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy with episodes 4 and 5.  Now that we’re a little ways in we’re finally starting to get somewhere with the various setups from previous episodes, starting with “Surprise! Vanya has powers” and “Leonard is not quite what he seems”.  Number Five even gets around to sharing a glimpse as to life in the future and this whole time travelling assassin thing.

Meanwhile everyone else has to deal with said assassins in one way or another.  Or maybe it’s more like the assassins have to deal with them, since they’re stuck with Klaus, who continues to be Cranky T-Rex’s least favorite person, which inevitably results in the other brothers getting roped in.

While we were hanging out in Netflix land, we thought we’d figure out what Triple Frontier was all about since we were pretty sure it kept showing us our former Batman, Ben Affleck, in the promos.  Turns out it was indeed the Batfleck, and a number of other surprisingly high-profile faces like Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam showed up too.  Looks like Netflix is really starting to flex their muscles if they can get big names to sign on for a movie about a bunch of former spec-ops guys who see an opportunity to finally get paid for all the work they’ve done by robbing a drug kingpin.

Speaking of kingpins, the Mouse decided to give the world a taste of its new photorealistic adaptation of The Lion King, with a more complete teaser trailer.  We’ll have some thoughts on whether or not it makes any sense at all to do it again if it’s still going to be animated like that since now you can’t even say it’s live-action this time.

So make sure to be here at 10 PM ET for all that and whatever else strikes our fancy!