This week on The Flyby, we’re continuing to work our way through Netflix’s Umbrella Academy with our reviews of episodes 2 and 3. We’re introduced to a number of new things over the course of these episodes, like the time-traveling hitmen with the creepy animal masks, Dolores the mannequin, a potential love-interest for Vanya, and a glass eye that may or may not be of some importance to the wholesale destruction of mankind.

We also discover the students have some serious Mommy issues to sort out, on top of their android mom apparently malfunctioning, and that a couple of them might have had a Barry Allen x Iris West kind of thing going on.

Of course while we were watching that all go down, Marvel came along and dropped another Avengers: Endgame trailer on our heads to announce the opening of ticket sales. Apparently people actually want to see this movie, so that just ended up crashing every major ticket website on the planet. We also got a confirmed runtime of just over 3 hours. So plenty to talk about there.

If that weren’t enough for one week, DC decided to try and ante up with their new trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, in which we apparently learn how the Joker became the Joker, though not the same Joker as the DCEU seeing as how it doesn’t even have a Batman right now.  Guess DC is still going with the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” strategy of building their live-action comic book movie brand.

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