This week on The Flyby, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program of disappointing CW shows.  Technically we’ve got two weeks to catch up on after our Captain Marvel show last week, so it’s even more Arrowverse than ever.  Sometimes it feels like these shows are determined to break us, but we’ll continue to soldier on until the end of the season.

For Arrow that started with our second to last episode all about how stupid it is to have Oliver & Company deputized as members of the police force.  You can’t exactly make a case against a defendant after he takes an arrow to the knee because Oliver thought doing it by the book wouldn’t be fast enough.  That leaves our crew with the choice of either going back to operating outside the law, or just teaching the police all their advanced hand to hand skills and giving them some of Felicity’s sweet gizmos so that they have a fighting chance.

Then, perhaps realizing how stupid that was, Arrow switched gears completely to give us the future Queen family’s struggle to stop Star City from being blown up again. Your hosts wonder how anyone is still living in that place if it is still routinely in danger of being destroyed 20 years from now.  Also it seemed to add to the already heavy foreshadowing that Oliver Queen is not long for this world and will likely perish in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover next season.

Meanwhile, The Flash decided to finally get on with it and show us that the future is indeed female with Cicada’s daughter taking his place just as Nora has done for Barry.  Though in Cicada’s case, it’s somewhat positive because at least we’re finally done with Cicada’s interminable growling.  Unfortunately, she still has the power to jump in and out of scenes at a whim so that the writers never have to explain how she gets there or how she gets away from people who are faster than light.  Oh, and Nora’s big secret is out now, which is another one for the About Time file.

We only got one episode of The Orville though, wherein there might finally be peace between the Krill and the Union, if Captain Mercer can manage not to screw it up.  Forcing your peace delegation to have a colonoscopy might be a funny way to stall for time, but it’s probably not going to make them in a particularly good mood to negotiate, especially if they think you’re already harboring a dangerous fugitive.

So strap in as we try to run through all that and more tonight at 10 PM ET right here on The!