It’s a week of returns as The Orville starts us out with the second part of a pretty ramped up storyline that last saw Isaac and the other Kaylons heading to Earth to begin multiple genocides of organic beings because us fleshies just can’t be trusted. Hijinks (and murders!) ensue while Gordon and Kelly manage to get off the ship to make an appeal to the also genocidal Krill that `the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Dr Finn and her cute kids keep trying to appeal to Isaac to stop the Kaylons from murderbotting the entire galaxy. Meanwhile Mercer continues to be the dimmest bulb on the ship on a pretty amazing spectacle on a show that gets better and better each.

The Arrowverse also returns after a short hiatus with The Flash’s highly anticipated `say, that’s where the budget went’ episode King Shark vs Gorilla Grod. It seems `muh ethics’ Cicso and Caitlin were oh so serious about the meta human cure being 100% voluntary and get angry at Barry for forcing it on King Shark who was one quick chomp away from devouring Cisco. The cure seems to work though which gives us an interesting storyline between Human Shark and his doppelgängers widow who has been helping Argus try to help him.
Meanwhile also returning is Grod who has managed to escape Argus which makes every human concern seem rather secondary as Human Shark returns to King Shark to do CGI battle in the heart of downtown Central City. Who cares about anything else? It’s a giant shark fighting a giant gorilla!

Over on Arrow, Oliver tries to be a better brother to revenge mysterious new sister who isn’t thrilled about his contributions, suggestions and mission hijacking but she has some serious secrets of her own. Back in the future his son learns he too has…a sister. Perhaps she can be turned to the… wait…wrong series.

Speaking of series that are getting ruined by over powered by Mary Sue characters, the early reviews for Captain Marvel are trickling in and are … well, what did you expect, you woman hating incels?

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