We take a turn for the morbid this week on The Flyby with tales of death and destruction.  From The Orville it’s the crew having to say goodbye to Isaac and hello to his fellow genocidal AIs hell bent on wiping out all organic life because that’s just how robots with red eyes roll.  Good thing they happened to keep caves full of dead bodies around for random Orville kids to happen upon or Seth MacFarlane & Co. might have unwittingly helped the evil AI destroy the Union.  Instead they know in advance that their stupidity has helped the evil AI destroy the Union, which means they still have a shot at the “turn the bad robot good with our feelings” plotline next week.

Speaking of decaying corpses we keep around for no good reason, the Oscars happened this weekend. Neither Cranky T-Rex nor Sarjex had the stomach to watch it, but since our superhero shows are still on hiatus, don’t be surprised if we take the time to discuss the winners and losers anyway.

And as far as robots hell bent on destroying things, you can’t do much better than an actor who thinks proselytizing their personal politics is a good way to promote their movie.  With only one week left to go before Captain Marvel comes out, Brie Larson has been working overtime to make her movie the first outright bomb in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and when it appeared that she might finally be succeeding, Rotten Tomatoes stepped in to commit seppuku on her behalf by disabling comments and removing the “want to see” poll for the movie entirely.  Might as well weigh in on how polls are not reviews and not being interested in a movie doesn’t make someone a troll.

Also heralding the end times is the Detective Pikachu movie, for which we got another trailer this week. Maybe we’ll have time to figure out why it looks so strangely alluring instead of as horrifying as it should be.

So be here at 10 PM ET for our review of this week’s episode of The Orville and whatever else we have time to cover.