This week on The Flyby, we discover that time travel does, in fact, have consequences.  It may not seem like it on The Flash what with Nora-West Allen spending months in the past and getting 53 do-overs to fix a big mistake while she’s there, but ultimately it catches up with us all.  After all, only those time travel shenanigans can explain us being shunted into a timeline where they remade Aladdin in live-action with Will Smith’s face copy-pasted on a CG body to replace Robin Williams’ Genie.  Yeah, we’ll have stuff to say about both of those things.

Similarly, while Arrow doesn’t actually dabble in time travel, it does keep showing us the future of Star City, which kind of undercuts any sense of tension when a character we’ve seen alive and well in the future finds themselves in what might normally be mortal danger.  Yet, this was still one of the best episodes of the show since it meant the departure of one of our most hated characters.

Speaking of characters departing, we got our first tease of Frozen 2 today, probably to try and convince people to let that whole genie thing go for a while.  Apparently it has to do with Elsa trying to use her ice powers to cross the ocean so that she can escape Fall…or something.  We maintain she belongs at Professor X’s School for Gifted Youngsters, especially now that Disney will own the X-Men.

That’s assuming of course Captain Marvel doesn’t destroy the MCU brand first.  Since we got some more trailers for that, we’ll talk about those too.

So at 10 PM ET strap yourselves in right here for another time-bending edition of The Flyby!