On this week’s episode of The Flyby, we face a whole lot of mechanized mayhem. Right off the bat we have the three part-robot Superman wannabes from Reign of the Supermen, the sequel to The Death of Superman, which we reviewed not too long ago and liked for the most part.  Just like in the comics, after Superman’s demise at the hands of Doomsday a cyborg, a Kryptonian android, a guy in a suit of armor, and a teenage clone of the man himself all set out to fill the void left by the Man of Steel. Some of them even claim to be the resurrected Superman, at least before he comes back in that fancy black suit to prove otherwise.  We’ll talk about how successfully Reign of the Supermen covers this classic comic book storyline, and no doubt Sarjex will have plenty to say about the animation.

Meanwhile, The Orville decided to take the definition of robosexual to an all new level, as Isaac and Doctor Finn decided to pursue a full-on sexual relationship. Star Trek: The Next Generation did something like that where Data tried dating, and impressively enough, both Cranky and Sarjex thinks The Orville handled the concept better.  Who would’ve thunk it?

Even Arrow featured some robot action since a guy in an exosuit decided to ruin Oliver’s documentary series. He decided to let a news crew shadow him so that he might drum up some support for his new post being SCPD’s resident vigilante.  It was a pretty novel style-change for the series, but that doesn’t fix the fact that vigilantes working for the police defeats the purpose of both.

The Flash just stuck to its usual magic tech, like laser guns and stasis fields that seemly oddly unnecessary to stop Cicada when Iris proves to be perfectly effective against him with your average kitchen knife.  Poor Barry and Ralph stared down those difficult moral conundrums for no reason at all.  Also Nora and Sherloque did stuff.

In any case, it’s a jam-packed show full of titanium terrors tonight at 10 PM ET, so be here on time so you don’t miss it!