The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty will be LIVE tonight (February 5, 2019) at a special start time of 9:00pm Eastern (8C/7M/6P)! Hosts Krystle (@TarheelKrystle) and Allan (@UnrealAllan) are going head-to-head with President Donald Trump and the politics kabuki theater known as the State of the Union Address by playing Cards Against Humanity on the program!

We’re going to be crowning someone once again as the Binge’s Most Horrible Person™.

We know we’re going to be joined by Amy Curtis (@RantyAmyCurtis) and Heather Boulware (@hboulware). Heather is bringing along her daughter Gracen, and Allan will have daughter Penny in tow, so the title of Most Horrible Parent™ is also up for grabs!

There will be other “official” players, plus we might open the game up to “Internet randos” as well as players from our chatroom. Be sure to tune in for all the hilarity and wrongness which assuredly will be better than whatever all the cable news shows will be showing.

See you then!