This week on The Flyby, it’s another round of reviews for the latest episodes of Arrow, The Flash, and The Orville.  On Arrow, Oliver needs to beware of old acquaintances reappearing as they may not be feeling positively toward him in the light of the waning moon.  Diggle should also take care not to let his new job go to his head, and Curtis should watch out for potential conflicts at work, especially with his superiors.

With The Flash, family troubles abound.  Barry and Iris should be careful not to jump to conclusions this week, despite whatever they might find in Nora’s memory.  Romance is in the air for Cisco, if he opens himself up to new potential partners instead of berating Ralph from taking him away from working on the cure for five seconds.  Iris will also find that new opportunities are just around the corner.

The Orville charts new territory this week, making first contact with a planet of people who are really, really into horoscopes. In fact, their horoscopes say Kelly and Bortus are very likely to be criminals, and so they should be…put into internment camps? Captain Mercer shouldn’t expect cheers from the admiralty if he decides to take action to fix this problem either.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET and so we can read your signs and tell you about the past, present, and future of all these shows and more!