We didn’t start the fire this week on The Flyby, ’cause the CW shows have been burning for quite a while now.  Though the one that has suffered the least this season is Arrow, which returned from its midseason slumber this week with a focus on our new mysterious Green Arrow wannabe.  She just so happens to be Oliver Queen’s long lost half-sister who, by some strange coincidence, has a hit list just like season 1 Oliver did and despite not spending five years on a deserted island, the same ridiculously impressive archery skills.  Also future Renee has the worst toupee ever.

Don’t ask me why The Flash continues to torment us with this boring Bane-wannabe shtick with Cicada though.  His sole purpose on the show now seems to scowl and breath heavily, and if Barry had any sense he could’ve solved all his problems by running everyone out of town and sending his idiot of a daughter home to the future, but she had to be a big shot instead and get her back temporarily broken.

Then on The Orville, a fan theory turned out to be true for once, as a returning actress wasn’t just coming back without her makeup for a new recurring role.  She’s got a way about her that attracts Captain Mercer’s attention, because she’s a spy looking to bring some much needed consequences to his actions from a previous episode.  It all comes down to a nice little Darmok & Jilad-style experience, but MacFarlane’s need to be the entertainer keeps dragging us off to a B-plot that isn’t worth anything.  We’re still keeping the faith that it’ll settle in and deliver us the Star Trek show we can’t get from the actual franchise owners for now though.

And much as we’d love to say goodbye to Hollywood entirely, the Oscar nominations are out and it looks like we called at least one of them, so we might just have to chat about that as well.  So make sure you’re right here at 10 PM ET for all that and more!