Happy New Year everyone! For our first Flyby of 2019, we’ll be covering two of the last movies of 2018.  It’s a pair of dueling supers.  It’s one Marvel, one DC. One live-action (to the degree that any comic book movie is live-action these days), one fully animated.  One solo hero movie, one team-up flick.  It’s the king of the underwater city Atlantis vs. the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in movies from two studios who haven’t exactly had a great track record with superhero flicks for a while.

Yes that means we’ll be talking about Aquaman, which is the latest attempt by the DCEU to try and make something people might enjoy seeing.  Cranky T-Rex caught an early screening during wherein he was genuinely surprised not to have hated the origin story of Aquadudebro, despite some pretty cringe-worthy stuff.  Will Sarjex concur?

On the flip side, it’s Mile Morales getting his shot at wearing the web-shooters as Sony tries to prove they can do Spider-Man just as well as Marvel. Several Spider-people in fact, as they created a multiverse cross-over with Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. It’s a movie our intrepid hosts had been looking forward to thanks to its unique look, and now they get to see if it lived up to the hype.

So tune in for our jam-packed show tonight at 10 PM ET and join us right here in the chat!