The Flyby returns today with a belated Christmas gift for both Sarjex and our audience as we go waaaay back to the granddaddy of all superhero movies for it’s 40th anniversary.  Yup, it’s Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie, the film that defined the character for a generation and made Christopher Reeve an often misspelled household name.  It also happened to make Sarjex believe a person can indeed fly (until Man of Steel came along, that is.)

So tonight we’re going to discuss how it is that a movie from 1978 managed to pull off this character everyone says is too boring to make movies of even though it didn’t have the bajillion dollars in CGI and special effects from which the modern incarnations benefit.  For Cranky, it all comes down to Christopher Reeve demonstrating just how easily Superman could hide with a pair of glasses, despite that being the perennial joke about the character.

It’s a show we’ve been looking forward to all year, so be here at 10 PM ET for all the Superman talk you can handle!