This week on The Flyby, we circle back around to a show we wanted to do a few weeks ago where we take a look at two movies that had their 30th anniversary at the same time.  One was Disney’s extremely loose adaptation of Oliver Twist called Oliver & Company, and the other was former Disney man Don Bluth’s prehistoric adventure, The Land Before Time.

Wouldn’t you know it that both these films feature anthropormphoric animal orphans trying to find their place in the world.  For Oliver, we’ve got a poor lonely kitten running into a ragtag group of friendly canines and a super evil loan shark.  For Land Before Time, we’ve got a ragtag bunch of dinosaurs running into an extremely dinoist portrayal of a T-Rex who is dehumanized into just being a “sharptooth.”  One has musical numbers, one doesn’t.  One ended up with 65 million years’ worth of sequels, the other often gets forgotten entirely.

But which is actually better? Well, that’s what our episode is all about.  So tune in right here at 10 PM ET for this trip down memory lane.