Bodies are swapping this week on The Flyby, as the great Arrowverse crossover is upon us again. In this year’s Elseworlds storyline, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen find they’ve been switched, which naturally leads to some hilarity as the two heroes suddenly have to deal with each other’s supporting casts.  Thanks to Supergirl they know they’re not crazy, and with a new big bad showing up, it’s time for all the heroes to assemble…er…unite.

As a bonus we get a heaping helping of Superman, which proves yet again that the DCEU has utterly failed this character, and a metric tonnage of Bat-universe name-droppings, including an appearance by Batwoman herself. Of course the real question is, does all this fan service make for a good three episodes or will Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex still tear them apart?

If that weren’t enough to cover, those guys over at Marvel decided it was time to give us the Avengers 4 trailer at last. So we’ll have our thoughts on this Avengers: Endgame trailer, the title, and what we can expect for the movie.

Cranky T-Rex may have a rant about the poster for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie too, so make sure to be here at 10 PM ET for all that and more!