We’ve got a smashing good time for you this week on The Flyby since we’ll be talking about Ralph Breaks the Internet, which is ostensibly a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph.  Both our intrepid hosts really liked Wreck-It Ralph and looked forward to a sequel exploring more of its fun and interesting video game world. Now that it’s here, they can talk about whether it lived up to expectations or if Cranky T-Rex’s fears that it was just going to be an Emoji Movie knock-off came true.

Speaking of broken things, The Flash had its 100th episode this week and chose to celebrate it by proving that the cast has learned nothing from the past few years of hero-ing.  In order to facilitate their little clip show, Barry and Nora decide to start time travelling even more, when the only time travel that should be happening on that show any time soon is Nora going home.

And there’s still Arrow, where Oliver discovered the best way to break the law is just to be the law. We miss the prison stuff already, but obviously he had to be out in time for next week’s big super mega crossover.  No doubt we’ll have some thoughts on that too.

If we’ve got time, maybe we’ll even take a couple shots at the Captain Marvel trailer we got this week.

So tune in at 10 PM ET for all that and more, right here on The Binge.net.