The Flyby is back this week and so is our wayward host, Cranky T-Rex! We’ve got some catching up to do on things that happened during his absence, starting with our Arrowverse shows of course.  Oliver Queen’s time in prison has come to an end, and everyone is sad because that’s been the best thing about this season so far.  He’s probably out early because the crossover will start soon, and they can’t very well have him in prison for that.

Meanwhile, The Flash continues to demonstrate that Barry Allen has learned nothing from his previous attempts at tampering with time and so his daughter is still hanging around even though every second she’s there is another second for her to irrevocably break her own future timeline.  Plus the show still can’t decide how fast Barry Allen actually is, which makes most of the other conflicts rather contrived.

Plus Sarjex took a stab at watching that new Tumblerized version of She-Ra, so we’ll find out if that actually holds up against its predecessor, and Cranky might give us a sneak peek at a future discussion about Ralph Breaks the Internet.  And if you’re really good, we’ll dig into the grab bag of all the other entertainment news Cranky missed during his hiatus.

So be here tonight at 10 PM ET for another great show!