Everyone has heard the story of George Lucas showing his friends the edit of Star Wars before the music was added. As the rumor goes they all watched it in silence and as they filed out they murmured a subdued goodbye convinced in their hearts it was going to be a flop and ol’ Georgie would never direct again.  Once the music was put in place however it went from dud to a nuclear box office explosion.

To this day, many people credit John Williams for saving Lucas’ little space movie.

This story may be a little apocryphal considering there are multitudes of accounts and records of Lucas using classic film scores to temp track the movie however the sentiment does persists that a great score can save a troubled movie.

Alas, this week’s The Flyby puts that myth to rest as Sarjex, who is still manning the controls while Cranky spends time with his family, along with  special guest and soundtrack nerd BJ, talk about some great film scores that remain relatively unloved and obscure solely they were attached to movies that …let’s just say didn’t set the world on fire.
Come with us as they dive into some forgotten gems and hopefully introduce you some of the best scores you’ve never heard!