Happy Halloween fellow superhero fans! Instead of heading out trick-or-treating, The Flyby returns close to midnight for a thriller night.  For thriller night, we’ll be confronting the evil lurking in the dark with our review of The Killing Joke.  It’s a dance with the devil under the pale moonlight, wherein the Joker tries to prove we’re all just one bad day away from insanity.  This animated adaptation of one of the darkest Batman stories also features a sight that might even stop your heart: Batman laughing.  To say nothing of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl getting paralyzed.

And though this is thriller night, no one’s going to save the CW shows from Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex’s striking commentary. So they’ll be talking about Oliver Queen fighting for his life in prison, and why everything else on Arrow sucks by comparison.

Meanwhile on The Flash, Nora slams the door in her mother’s face for things that haven’t even happened yet, and with the introduction of “meta-tech”, there’s nowhere left to run from stupid “hacking is magic”-style hijinks.

Black Lightning has left us cold, and we wonder if we’ll keep watching it.  Maybe if we just close our eyes and use our imagination, we can remember what the show was like last season when it was good.

And all the while, The Gifted creeps closer to the edge of our watch bubble.  Our mutant friends are almost out of time to prove they’re worth watching every week.

So get up and join us for thriller night because at 10 PM ET our podcast falls across the land, and if you’re watching live, our chat room is close at hand. We’re always in search of new blood, so tell everyone in your neighborhood!