The hauntings continue this week on The Flyby, as Casper the friendly ghost pops by for a review of his 1995 movie.  Technically he does turn himself into a superhero for a scene, so it counts with our usual stuff, right?  Cranky and Sarjex will delve into how well such an early attempt at fully CGI characters holds up in a post-Avengers world.  Plus we’ll have to address the scariest part of the movie: that someone could have the key to immortality in their hands and utterly waste it for the rest of us.

On the TV front, The Gifted has been banished to the afterlife this week in favor of the World Series, but the CW shows are still alive and kicking.  Over on Arrow, Oliver got put into one of those classic good guy catch-22s, while the rest of the team spent their time resurrecting the “hacking is magic” trope to torment us all the more.

Meanwhile, The Flash keeps getting stalked by its own Jason-wannabe, the nigh-invulnerable masked villain Cicada, who leisurely follows after his prey and then doesn’t actually bother killing them because that might be the end of the show.  Also we’re introduced to yet another Wells, because apparently this show just can’t live without some version of him hanging around.

And for Black Lightning, it’s psychotic doctors and hallucinations aplenty.  Having a woman show up with the power to create temporarily realities is pretty spooky, especially since up until now it seemed like there were very few meta-humans around on this Earth.  Guess Black Lightning‘s world is a lot bigger than they made it out to be.

So it’s another full show tonight as always. Don’t make us haunt you for missing the show, so be right here at 10 PM ET and don’t forget to jump in the chat!