This week on The Flyby, it’s back to business as usual now that we have CW shows to review again, starting with The Flash.  Both Cranky and Sarjex were pretty much ready to give up on The Flash after last season’s descent into completely wasted potential…not to mention how they broke the show entirely by making Barry too fast to ever have a problem again.  But since it came on along with Black Lightning, our intrepid hosts decided to give a show that now seems like it’s going to focus on Barry’s kid one last chance at redemption.

While she certainly hasn’t learned anything from her father about things like…messing with the timeline…the show at least did us a favor of addressing some of the more obvious problems with the plot they’ve started.  Was it enough though?  Well…we’ll talk about it.

Speaking of Black Lightning, it’s back with some changes for Jefferson Pierce and his family of supers. While it still suffers from that problem of TV writers not understanding basic civics, it’s at least much more likely to deliver on its promises than the rest of the CW shows at the moment.  We’ll compare its season debut to the other show we were happy to have back until we got it back…The Gifted.

The Gifted is now three episodes in, two of which we found lackluster, and the third isn’t looking much better.  On the plus side, it finally did away with the idiocy of a mutant keeping his mutant powers from his fellow mutants and his mutant daughter, and “Blandie” ditched his leather jacket for a bit.  On the other hand, the villain still sucks.

So that’s plenty for us to cover this week. Tune in at 10 PM ET right here on the to join us!