This week on The Flyby, we get our first foray back into talking about superhero shows instead of movies since The Gifted has returned with its season 2 premiere!  Both Cranky and Sarjex really enjoyed season 1 of The Gifted for having characters that acted like real people, which made it much easier to forget about the fact that we’re not watching the actual X-men.  After a season of solid twists and turns, we were happy to hear it was getting renewed and very much looking forward to seeing what else they could do with these lesser-known mutants.

Now that we’ve seen the season 2 premiere we’ll talk about how well Matt Nix and his team have avoided the kind of pratfalls that ended up eviscerating some of our other favorite superhero shows, and since it involves the birth of Polaris’ kid, we’ll also have to talk about how Hollywood seems to have no understanding of how giving birth works.

Speaking of the X-men, if we’re lucky, we’ll get the first trailer for Dark Phoenix before the show starts so we have an excuse to rant about how we don’t need to see this story again.

If not, we can always cover some other news like the latest trailers for Bumblebee and Wreck-It Ralph 2, as well as the reveal of our new cinematic Joker.

So tune in at 10 PM ET right here on The to listen and chat!