On this week’s episode of The Flyby, we make the very poor decision to follow through with the last of the live-action black superhero films by reviewing…Catwoman.  Yes, that’s the one that stars Halle Berry in some kind of BDSM outfit.  Yes, that’s the one where Catwoman has supernatural cat powers thanks to an Egyptian goddess. Yes, that’s the one that has been universally agreed upon to be one of the worst superhero films ever made.

But it can’t be that bad…can it?

Actually yes, yes it can.  So for as long as they can stomach thinking about it, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will attempt to analyze this dumpster fire for your listening entertainment. That means you want to tune in tonight at 10 PM ET for all the hilarity that reviewing Catwoman shall bring and jump in the chat right here on The Binge.net to laugh at our intrepid hosts’ pain!