On the last episode of The Flyby, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Blade, and in the process we were reminded about another black comic book hero who had an anniversary this year:  Hancock.  Assuming he stuck with the program, this alcoholic superman-wannabe would be 10 years sober as of July, which means he too had been superheroing long before Black Panther sent a thrill up people’s legs.

It’s a little more understandable why people might have forgotten about Hancock in their rush to declare T’Challa the first of everything though, because unlike Blade, Hancock never got a sequel.  Despite having a unique concept and Will Smith’s star power at the forefront, it just sort of faded out into obscurity.  Maybe it was just the really bad overdub it got for network television?

Well, tonight our intrepid hosts Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will try to unravel how a movie that did Zack Snyder’s idea of Superman better than Zack Snyder did ended up escaping both the wrath of Internet psychos and the praise of comic book movie lovers to become one of those films that everyone just kinda forgets existed.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET for our review of the unrated edition of Hancock and join us in the chat right here on The Binge.net so we can see your comments!