This week on The Flyby, we’re taking a trip in the Wayback Machine to 1984 to revisit Supergirl, the movie that attempted to do for the Girl of Steel what Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve did for Superman.  It was a fun campy adventure featuring Helen Slater as Supes’ older cousin, or at least that seems to be how Sarjex remembered it.  Cranky T-Rex on the other hand wasn’t even sure he had seen it at all, and while he was perfectly ok with that, it can never hurt to go check out a classic 80s movie, can it?

Well on tonight’s episode our two intrepid hosts will talk about how this blast from the past holds up, and what WB might be able to do differently with their recently announced plans for an entirely new Supergirl movie.  There will no doubt be comparisons to the CW TV show that our hosts have grown disillusioned with as well.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET for all that and whatever else there is to discuss in the world of entertainment, right here on The!