This week on The Flyby, Sarjex and Cranky T-Rex tackle DC’s latest animated flick, The Death of Superman, which is yet another retelling of one of the most famous comic book stories of all time. It’s at least the second animated adaptation of the material, and the first half of a two parter, with the sequel focusing on the four heroes that attempted to take the Man of Steel’s place when he died in the comics until his eventual resurrection.  After all, when it comes to comic books nobody stays dead for long, even if at the time they weren’t in any rush to bring him back.

In any case it’s a wonderful excuse to talk about something from the DC universe that might not actually be painful to watch for once, and certainly an animated feature has to be better at covering this material than Zack Snyder’s attempt to cram it in at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If that’s not enough content for you, there’s always the latest episode of The 100, and whatever other super-news we’ve gotten since last week.

So be right here at 10 PM ET to see what Cranky and Sarjex think of the loss of the Last Son of Krypton…again.