On this episode of The Flyby, we take a look back at what is widely considered one of if not the best comic book movie of all time, Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film The Dark Knight, which happens to be 10 years old as of today.  Of course, Cranky T-Rex still thinks it and its bookends are overrated and that it ultimately led to the downfall of the DC Cinematic Universe.

When we’re not talking about how Heath Ledger’s Joker is one of the greatest villain performances of all time, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss why Octavia on The 100 is just as crazy as the Joker since she too enjoys setting giant piles of green ablaze in ways that should get her killed immediately.

Just in case that’s not enough show for you, the CW has announced Batwoman is not only coming to the Arrowverse but probably getting her own show as well.  We’ll muse for a bit on whether or not we’re willing to jump into another show that self-describes as being focused on social justice and lesbian relationships after what we endured in the the last couple seasons of Supergirl.

If there’s still time after all that, maybe we’ll even cover the controversy surrounding the She-Ra reboot because hey, who better to discuss the art-style of a new cartoon than a cartoonist by day and superhero critic by night like Sarjex?

So make sure you’re right here at 10 PM ET to listen and chat!