LIVE tonight on it’s Our United Strength (@unityinstrength) with your hosts Allan Bourdius (@unrealallan) and Amy Curtis (@rantyamycurtis)! Joining us this evening is guest Leslie (@LADowd)!

As always, we have a jam-packed show full of the interesting, the ridiculous, the political and — hopefully — the uplifting. Tonight’s topics include thousands of asylum claims now in doubt thanks to a decision from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a New York City Uber driver loses his rideshare license after booting a kissing couple from his vehicle, why Prince George’s choice of toys is leading to pearl-clutching in some circles, Seattle aims to repeal it’s employer “head tax” less than a month after passing the legislation, the man who coped with a traumatic injury in an…interesting way, and how a woman’s act of selflessness saved the life of a stranger.