Well this week on The Flyby, the dumpster fire that is Supergirl continues to burn out of control.  Magically our heroes defeat Reign in the first 10 minutes, and then Kara decides to head on back to the last remaining chunk of Krypton to live for a while.  Why nobody seems to want to evacuate that place to a habitable planet on which they’ll have superpowers, we don’t know, mainly because the show doesn’t take the time to explain.  Probably because they used that time for another special edition of Guardian Sez.  This time James Olsen wants to talk to you about gun control, with a debate that once again leaves Lena Luthor as the only voice of reason on the show.

Standing in stark contrast as always, The 100 came back this week to show us how crazy dangerous Octavia has become.  We got some relationship drama and some interesting setups, and the show didn’t stop to debate the merits of having weapons after the apocalypse, so still running on all cylinders there.

Thankfully that’s not all we have to talk about because a ton of trailers dropped in the past couple days. Cranky T-Rex is particularly concerned about the Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer, but both he and Sarjex think Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie actually looks…good.  Shocking.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET right here on the Binge.net for all that and more!