Well as much as we wanted to talk Deadpool 2 this week on The Flyby, unfortunately real life prevented Sarjex from getting to see it yet.  So instead we’ll have to talk about the latest episode of Supergirl.  If that sounds like we consider it a punishment, well that should tell you everything you need to know about how we feel about the show now.

This particular episode of Supergirl once again relegated what should have been a huge character story for Kara to the background in favor of Crack Secret Agent and Surrogate Mom-wannabe Alex Danvers, who spent the episode trying to track down her would-be assassin and cheer up her soon-to-be adopted daughter Ruby.  Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if she weren’t such an epic failure at both those jobs.

Maybe we’ll spend a little time talking about how Supergirl as a show would have gone if the writers from Agents of SHIELD or The 100 had taken over. Or, you know, if we were writing the show.

Since we can only stomach so many minutes of Supergirl discussion, we’ll also talk about the flop that is Solo: A Star Wars Story, including why Cranky T-Rex didn’t bother to see and review it on his Youtube channel like he usually does.  Has Star Wars fatigue set in, or has Kathleen Kennedy just burned too many bridges with the fanbase? It’ll be a fun discussion for sure.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net to listen and chat!