We’ve finally made it, Flyby fans. This week we have at last arrived at the season finales for Arrow, The Flash, and Agents of SHIELD, and boy did they run the gamut.  Starting with the least painful, SHIELD gave us a rather solid finale that would’ve made for a perfectly fitting end to the show had it not been renewed for another limited run next summer.  Cranky T-Rex was bummed not to get the big Infinity War tie-in, but overall he and Sarjex will have plenty of good things to say about it.

Arrow, on the other hand, was a rather mixed bag.  While this finale did potentially shake up the show enough that it could regain its footing next year, it still couldn’t escape the pull of the singularity of stupid that has been at the center of this season.  Our intrepid hosts will discuss whether or not Oliver Queen will get a chance to win us back in the fall.

The Flash didn’t fare nearly as well, due in large part to the writers having already broken the show three or four times by giving Barry abilities that should make dealing with virtually any criminal essentially effortless.  By the end of the episode, we have completed the utter destruction of a perfectly interesting villain by turning him into the kind of ham-fisted garbage we normally get on Supergirl. Then to add insult to injury it ends with a tease everyone expected months ago.  How far the speedy have fallen.

Speaking of ham-fisted garbage on Supergirl, this week we get our lecture on racism because apparently James Olsen has not seen Black Panther and thinks people might have some kind of problem with Superman’s best friend and CEO of CatCo being a vigilant…because he’s black.  Maybe Cisco can breach him over to CW’s other superhero show, Black Lightning, so he can learn how to talk about race without the sledgehammer.  Oh, and you know, Lena and Kara continue to bicker while they try and figure out what to do about Sam still being a Worldkiller.

At least we can cleanse the palate with The 100, where only Octavia is acting like a total moron and even that makes reasonable sense within the universe they constructed.

So strap yourselves in folks we will have plenty to say tonight starting at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net.