This week on The Flyby, we once again get to see how Arrowverse writers give no thought to the consequences of the things they allow their characters to do.  Of all the shows, none have been so guilty as The Flash, which spent every season trying to figure out how Barry could get fast enough to deal with a faster speedster to the point that he can now run to China and back in the space of a camera sweep.  Then he learns to enter “Flash time” where he can live out a whole episode inside a matter of heartbeats.  With this latest episode, he can even grant his power to his friends so they too can be impossibly fast.  So how the hell is DeVoe even remotely a problem?  Cranky T-Rex’s suspension of disbelief has been broken, burned, and blown to bits at this point.

Barry’s speed feats even break some of the other shows now.  Surely he could capture Diaz for Arrow & Co. in an instant if they asked, which they won’t because even they don’t seem to want to stop him.  The one time the crew of Arrow do attempt to catch Diaz, Curtis cements his status as the worst B-team member by flipping out about his injured boyfriend and getting his ass kicked for it, again.

Oh and there’s Supergirl, which consisted of everyone giving Lena Luthor the third degree for being the only competent character on the show again, but hey Mon-El’s staying behind.  Just what Sarjex always wanted, more Mon-El.

Agents of SHIELD continues its slide away from interesting to just kind of dumb with this Talbot-as-sudden-psychopath turn, but at least there were a couple of fan service moments to balance it out.  Hopefully the finale will deliver.

Fortunately, both our hosts get to watch a good show each week in The 100, which kept the twists and turns going this week by getting everyone out of the bunker so that the inevitable war can begin.

It’s a lot to cover as always, so be here at 10 PM ET for all of that, and don’t forget to sign into the chat!