Though we’re still reeling from the Infinity War last week, The Flyby returns tonight to its regularly scheduled programming, with Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex reviewing all the comic book shows they can still stand to watch.  Last week Krypton got the boot, but Supergirl is still hanging on by a thread, even if yet another brainless episode threatens to take some industrial strength scissors to it.  It seems the only character on the show with two bits of grey matter to rub together is Lena Luthor, and of course all the other characters are mad at her for it.

Not to be outdone, the latest episodes of Arrow and The Flash both raced to join Supergirl at the bottom.  Arrow once again delved into courtroom drama, and despite a reference to Law & Order, one has to wonder if they ever even watched that show with how bad their understanding of the justice system is.  The Flash at least had the meager highlight of Katee Sackhoff returning to ham it up as Amunet, but it still colossally wasted our time with some more knock-off Wellses.

Agents of SHIELD took a turn for the worst this week too.  Sure, we got an Infinity War tie-in, but all it did was create one of the most stereotypical bad guys ever. C’mon guys, you’re better than this.

At least we can still take solace in the continuing good writing of The 100, which once again puts the terribleness of these seasons of the Arrowverse in stark contrast.

In any case, it gives us plenty to talk about tonight, so tune in right here on The at 10 PM ET to listen and chat!