On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex express their shock at just how discriminatory the Arrowverse is to dinosaurs. This week featured not one, but two! dinosaurs that were enslaved by villains and then brutally beaten by our so-called heroes.  It started with the not-so-triumphant return of Supergirl, wherein Mon-El choked a cyborg carnosaur to death with his cape, a trick he will apparently be teaching Kara in the future.  Then over on The Flash, Ralph Dibney punched a reanimated rex back to bones.  At least their was some karmic retribution for him.

Arrow stuck to resurrecting people instead of dinosaurs though, by sort of bringing back Adrian Chase to remind us what a compelling villain looks like.  It’s a pity that Arrow has wasted the rest of its season on half-assed bad guys and stupid B-team drama instead of the consequences of dealing with him.

Unfortunately Black Lightning must’ve been taking tips from the Arrow writers, since it closed out its otherwise stellar first season with a cartoon bad guy designed to be two middle fingers to Trump voters.

At least Agents of SHIELD is still feeling the love, since May finally expressed hers for Coulson.  Too bad the end of the world seems imminent despite their efforts.  Maybe Fitz is right that you just can’t change the future.

Oh and there’s Krypton, where Seg-El has utterly failed to do anything about Brainiac and nobody cares because it’s the least interesting part of the whole show.  Will our heroic hosts continue to stick with the Superman show without Superman?

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