On this episode of the The Flyby, Sarjex and Cranky T-Rex lament the pathetic impotence of the Arrowverse heroes.  None of them seem capable of producing the spark they did back when they debuted, and each episode seems to be another attempt to stall for time, even though we should be building up to a rousing climax by now.

Never has this been clearer than with The Flash’s return this week, as this latest episode was another in a long line of starts and stops.  Barry gets all puffed up at Ralph only to be instantly deflated by a gender-swapped meta with a silly gimmick. Cisco yet again wilts in the face of Gypsy’s dad returning, and even the appearance of a couple of celebrities just couldn’t get this episode over the edge.

Back on the granddaddy of them all, Arrow continues its flaccid attempts to make us care about the B-team, and they even start drama between Oliver and Diggle over who gets to be the dominant one in the relationship as if that will reignite the passion Arrow used to have for creating great superhero entertainment.

At least Black Lightning can still deliver, and apparently his powers are useful for more than just shocking the average criminal.  Sadly there’s only one more episode left in this season and a lot of threads yet to wrap up, so we may find ourselves left hanging yet again.

Krypton, meanwhile, is just trying to get itself going. Superman’s Grandad Seg-El finds himself unable to handle even the simplest of Brianiac’s many toys.  At this rate he’s going to find himself helplessly abused by Brainiac’s tentacles as the planet explodes on him.

Last but not least, Agents of SHIELD barrels towards the finale with everyone forming their own little threesomes to try and save the world in different ways.  With any luck, they’ll be able to deliver the magic just in time for Infinity War.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET right here on the Binge.net and we will try really hard not to disappoint you!