Tonight on The Flyby, Green Arrow is back, and he’s brought with him the League of Expositional Assassins, who are here to deliver exposition and then vanish into the night.  This time they’re here to tell us all about some secret artifact Malcolm Merlyn left behind before he was exploded.  Maybe Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will actually enjoy this diversion from the already meandering Arrow season?

Either way, it was certainly a harder week for Jefferson Pierce as Black Lightning suffered the indignity of being locked up after being framed for a crime by the evil organization that has figured out who he is.

Meanwhile, Agents of SHIELD has coincidentally answered Sarjex’s question from last week as to how people get recruited into an organization that is so obviously evil like Hydra. We’ll see if she’s satisfied with the answer or not.

And back on Krypton, Superman’s Grandpa begins his quest for vengeance, while Adam Strange tries to convince him to hold off on that long enough to deal with Braniac.  Can Grandpa-El’s Fortress of Solitude help with any of that? Guess we’ll find out.

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