On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will accept King T’Challa’s challenge and review his first solo movie, appropriately titled Black Panther.  We saw his debut in Captain America: Civil War, where both our intrepid hosts agreed he acquitted himself quite well, but as we’ve seen with the Hulk on numerous occasions, being a good supporting character does not necessarily make you capable of carrying a whole film on your shoulders.

Fortunately, Marvel has a reputation for delivering fun, entertaining rides even when they don’t knock it out of the park with stuff like Winter Soldier and The Avengers, so both of them are optimistic it will be a good time.  Of course with all the politics swarming around with the movie, they better like it lest somebody get accused of racism.

So beware of spoilers, because at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.Net, the King of Wakanda will battle his critics for the Marvel throne.