On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex meet the next World-Killer, aka Purity, which is rather ironic considering half of that episode of Supergirl involves Mon-El thinking about how he loves Kara more than his wife.  It’s safe to say both of our intrepid hosts have had more than enough of Mon-El and the ghost of Sanvers.

But at least Mon-El hasn’t taken to drugging his wife to keep her in line like our villain over on The Flash.  Clearly Mrs. DeVoe is transphobic if she won’t accept him in a woman’s body without chemical assistance.

Speaking of switching sides, Vigilante finally got his comeuppance on Arrow, and if we cared about him at all that might be shocking. Cranky’s pretty sure Felicity can hack something to bring him back to life anyway.

Maybe they can give him some of the ridiculous superdrug that Black Lightning had to deal with this week.  If a teenager can rip a urinal off a wall on it, surely it can stimulate Vigilante’s healing power to bring him back.  Pity that crossover hasn’t happened yet.

And lastly, on Agents of SHIELD our team finally got home.  It’s looking more and more like our wish that they’ll reveal Thanos destroyed the planet will not come true, but that doesn’t mean more interesting possibilities won’t come along.  Fortunately, all should be revealed soon.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net for our extended commentary on all of that, plus the new trailers for Jessica Jones Season 2 and Deadpool 2!