When I started theBinge.net, this was exactly the kind of drama I had hoped to avoid, but alas.

Over the last 24-48 hours, the Twitter interactions of Rachel Veronica (@ExiledRachel) have been brought to my attention, as well as to other principals/contributors, with respect to her identification with theBinge.net.

Rachel’s personal Twitter interactions are her own responsibility.

I was not alone among our roster here and Rachel’s friends who were concerned at the caustic nature of her tweets directed at one specific individual, with subsequent snowballing effect to other users. Multiple people attempted “talk downs” of the situation with her.

Rachel’s reaction to attempts at calming the situation by myself and others was to treat those efforts as personal attacks on her, and resulted in invectives being flung at us publicly and privately.

Rachel is not an “employee” of theBinge.net as, well, there are no employees. She was planning a show/podcast entitled “Perpetually Sporadic” which we would have hosted had it entered production, but it has not. At this time, we will not host that show if she decides to produce it.

The remainder of her public association with theBinge.net has been her appearances as a substitute co-host, guest, or panelist on previous programs. She will not be invited to participate in future programs hosted by theBinge.net without my explicit permission and concurrence of other principals here (and potentially others) that the previous situation has been satisfactorily resolved.

This is likely the one and only statement that will be made on this situation. Any inquiries can be directed to me via Twitter (@UnrealAllan, DMs are open) or by email (allan@thebinge.net), but I will most likely not have much more to say than already has been said.