On tonight’s episode of The Flyby, just as all the other shows are heading into hibernation for the winter, Agents of SHIELD‘s new season debuts with the gang finding themselves in space. In the future.  Will wonders never cease? Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex will run down their impressions on SHIELD‘s premiere and the direction the show appears to be headed this year.

Meanwhile Supergirl and The Flash delivered the first round of mid-season finales ahead of the aforementioned Christmas break, and both of them decided Christmas cheer was not in order this year as their respective holidays got marred by supervillains winning for a change.  No doubt there will be much grousing about the new #Lames relationship on Supergirl and praise for The Thinker on The Flash

The Gifted still has an episode left before it joins its fellow super shows on hiatus, but this week’s cliffhanger could’ve worked just the same. Both of our hosts continue to be pleasantly surprised by The Gifted‘s ability to juggle so many characters and avoid annoying tropes.

And The Orville chugs along, continuing to prove Cranky’s assertion right that the show would be a phenomenal version of Star Trek: The Next Generation if Seth MacFarlane weren’t the lead.

Tune in for all of that and more tonight at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net!