On this episode of The Flyby, Cranky T-Rex and Sarjex celebrate the end of the #Sanvers romance that has plagued Supergirl for almost a season and a half now.  With a couple of decent episodes under its belt now, perhaps we’ll look back on the end of Sanvers as a Riker’s Beard moment that heralded a new, better direction for Supergirl?

Then again maybe the Supergirl writers were just busy working on The Flash instead, which seemed desperate to cram the phrase “hashtag feminism” into this week’s episode as many times as possible.  Or perhaps they transferred over to Arrow so that they could give us the most idiotic example of “hacking is magic” yet.

Fortunately The Gifted is still going strong and giving us the kind of smart superhero show we want to see each week, so we’ll talk about the latest episode of that too.  And if there’s time, we’ll get back around to Inhumans and The Orville.

So tune in at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net to listen and chat!