On this episode of The Flyby, Green Arrow finally caught up to the rest of the so-called Arrowverse last Thursday with his own season premiere.  That puts Arrow into season 6, coming off what Sarjex and Cranky T-Rex agreed was a very solid season 5 finale.  Tonight they’ll talk about whether or not their predictions from that cliffhanger came true, and of course whether or not season 6 has capitalized on it.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and The Flash have made it to episode 2 of their new seasons, so we’ll see if they’ve improved any from last week’s less than thrilling season openers.

And as much as The Gifted continues to be a delightfully positive surprise with each episode, the Inhumans continues to be a slog.  If that’s not enough for you, Cranky and Sarjex will even grouse about perhaps the most frustrating episode of The Orville yet!

So tune at 10 PM ET right here on The Binge.net for all of that and more!