Our United Strength is back on The Binge tonight with a slew of stories to discuss with you! Joining Amy as her co-host is the Binge’s own George Templeton of Foreign Matters. We’ll discuss the protests and violence in Charlottesville, and elsewhere around the country, the take down of confederate statues and monuments, and the general insanity that seems to be pervading the nation these days. Locally, Amy will talk about the Foxconn business deal making its way through the Wisconsin legislature — and how the Wisconsin Democrats don’t seem keen on bringing lots of jobs and economic development to the state. Especially when it signals a win for Governor Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

There’s also some good news in the world, and we’ll talk about 15 things that are happening.

So TUNE in at 10 pm E/9 pm C to The Binge for another episode of Our United Strength!