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Tune in tonight to The Binge for a new episode of Our United Strength with your hosts Allan Bourdius (@unrealallan) and Amy Curtis (@RantyAmyCurtis) with guest @Mellecon! Mellecon will talk about her time living in Saudi Arabia, fresh on the heels of news the Saudi authorities arrested (and later released) a woman for wearing a skirt and tank top in defiance of the country’s rules that require women to wear certain clothing, and against the backdrop of feminist groups embracing the hijab and pointing to activists like Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) as feminist icons.

Allan and Amy will also discuss Lizz Winstead, comedian and writer, who is taking on “fake” clinics that offer women options outside of abortion. We will discuss her comments and why they are, in fact, lies.

In Oregon, a couple has lost custody of their two children for having low IQs, which is just another alarming curtailing of liberty in The Beaver State, and a step backward to the days of eugenics and forcible sterilization policies that were once common in America.

And, of course, we’ll talk about uplifting and positive stories and other news from around the country and around the world. Tune in TONIGHT to The Binge at 10 pm E/7 pm P for another great broadcast of Our United Strength!