Live tonight on The Binge, it’s Allan Bourdius (@unrealallan) and Amy Curtis (@rantyamycurtis) with the premier of their new program, Our United Strength!

We’re honored to have as our first guest Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, The Ed Morrissey Show, and author of Going RedEd will join Allan and Amy to discuss Going Red a year later, politics, and more.

Allan and Amy will also discuss stories that make us feel good and unite us, as well as pop culture and entertainment news.

You do not want to miss it so be here at at 10 pm E/9 pm C for the debut of Our United Strength!

Update – replay added!

Thank you to Ed Morrissey for being the guest – check out his book Going Red (link above), and his work at Hot Air and The Ed Morrissey Show.

Here are some of the stories we talk about tonight on the program:

The list of Emmy nominees — Allan and Amy are bummed Mandy Moore (“This Is Us”) and Winona Ryder (“Stranger Things”) were both robbed of nominations.

Veteran Lee Hernandez, age 47, is in hospice and has one last request – to get calls and text messages. Read the story, share, and send him a message or make a phone call.

Beach-goers in Panama City, Florida formed an 80-person long human chain to save a family stuck in a rip current.

Chive readers donated over $200,000 to build a new handicap-accessible house for a young girl and her family.

A bride got to hear her son’s donated heart beating on her wedding day, thanks to her groom.

72 years after being shot down over Germany during WWII, the remains of a soldier come home for burial.

In the news of the weird, a truck full of “slime eels” overturned in Oregon, making quite a mess on the highway.

And as the case of Charlie Gard goes back to UK courts, a story that reminds us even medical experts aren’t always right.

Thank you all for listening — see you next time on Our United Strength!